Interview with Ryan Biddulph | A PRO Blogger & A World Traveller

Written by Muhammad Ahmad

I always thought about inviting PRO bloggers to my place for sharing their knowledge. This is the first time I invited a great friend, Ryan Biddulph to my blog for sharing some golden pieces of advice. Interview, you can say! 😉

I am sure you’re gonna love listening to his words:

Ahmad: You don’t need an introduction in the blogging industry, I guess. But, for the readers, please share something about yourself.

Ryan: I am a 42 year old former security guard turned island hopping pro blogger who teaches people how to become professional, full time bloggers. I did it in my life – starting off with zero blogging experience – and help folks become pro bloggers despite where they are starting in life.

Ahmad: Share the best time management tip for Blogging.

Ryan: Know why you are blogging, and tie that reason to something fun and freeing. This will make you value blogging, and you always make time for something you value.

Ahmad: According to your experience, Which factor is going to matter the most in SEO 2017-2018? (Must Read)

Ryan: Creating long form, in-depth, helpful content, will always play a key role in doing well on the SEO front. Google really loves helpful, thorough content more than anything. Craft that, and you will have few issues doing well on the search side of things. Focus a little less on all the pretty-up tips with Yoast, and more on creating practice, problem-solving posts that range from 1500 to 2000 words.

Ahmad: What’s the best monetization model for newbie bloggers?

Ryan: Follow your passion. Monetize that passion. This helps you get excited about working the income stream, so you learn the stream, practice working it, develop your skills and eventually monetize the stream, over time.

No on model works more than any other. It is the worker aka blogger who develops the skills that allows the cash to flow through those channels, which behooves you to monetize some activity you feel passionate about.

Ahmad: What do you think is the “Ultimate” key factor that enabled you to build up such a loyal readership?

Ryan: I love writing, and I love blogging, so since I love what I do, I kept writing and blogging through thick and thin, which allowed me to build a following over time. Most bloggers do not love blogging; they just want to make money. The money does not come, and they lose their motivation. I don’t do motivation; I do intents, and since intent of loving blogging is always within me, I never lose my blogging fuel.

Ahmad: What was the happiest moment of your blogging journey?

Ryan: Every day.

Ahmad: Would you like to give any message or tips to the beginners who have just started out?

Ryan: What can you talk about all day long? Blog about it. This is your passion, your love, the energy aka fuel we talked about earlier, that will see you through this journey. Do not chase a profitable niche because it will not be profitable for you, for weeks or months, and you will lose your motivation. Follow your passion. Tie that passion to some pressing problem or issue. Then, follow 1-3 really successful bloggers in their niche. Read their posts. Buy their products. Hire them. Study their knowledge. Put their knowledge into practice. Over time, you will see success too.

Ahmad: What are your views about Meet Ahmad [dot] com? | Any Suggestions?

Ryan: I love what you are doing bro. Keep up the inspired work.

Ahmad: Thanks a bunch for taking time to share your knowledge, I always love talking to you.

Ryan: Thanks dude!

Let Ryan and me know what are your thoughts after reading this short interview 😀

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Muhammad Ahmad

Muhammad Ahmad is Just a Crazy Blogger From Pakistan. Do contact him if you are looking for a Blogging/Freelancing advice! :)


  • Ryan is 100% right. We don’t love to write, we only love to make money. We must find our passion and write on it.
    I also experienced that i found some profitable niche, started writing on it. In few weeks did not got any result, started getting bored and than gave up 🙁 . This is sad story of many bloggers. We only see that…. someone is earning smart income and this will be same profitable for us. We don’t see that he is working with passion. We can’t do that with passion like that.
    I also following Ryan from year. I learned great lesson today that we must monetize our passion. No doubt! this will be more profitable.

  • Hello Ryan,

    It has been a while ago since we last spoke!

    Just read your interview after a long time. Glad to learn several new things from you.

    But, I have a concern which is never clearly answered by anyone.

    “Creating long form, in-depth, helpful content” & “….range from 1500 to 2000 words…”

    But, dear uncle Shakespeare once said that “Brevity is the soul of wit!”. Don’t you think so same thing should be applied here? Rather than the quantity, why the quality is not preferred? My question is, what matters most in terms of the SEO?
    If the WORD COUNT is the goal, then it means, we are just wasting the time of the visitor in explaining a single point to several paragraphs.

    Will be waiting for your golden-opinion 🙂


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