10+ Blogs to Follow in 2016 For “Better Blogging”

So, you’re a blogger?
Thats great, In this blog post, I am going to share some blogs that are a must for every blogger to follow. Blogging is getting competitive day by day, and many people are digging into it, and they think it’s a way for quick Money. That’s not right! In fact:

When you’re connected to the whole world, you are now able to be called as “better blogger”. Otherwise, If you just write articles, publish and wait for visits – That’s totally time wastage.

1. NeilPatel.com

NeilPatel is a blog where you can get guides, Case studies, etc. that you require surviving as a Marketer. Almost all marketers follow his blog because he shares the stuff that is Evergreen. If you want to be good at Blogging, Marketing and SEO, This is the blog that you should follow actively.

2. Backlinko.com

Backlinko is a place where Brian shares all of his case studies and link-building strategies.

What if this blog is going to show you how to get #1 Ranking on Google within seconds? Yes, this blog can help you rank any website within seconds.

3. BloggingFromParadise.com

Owned by a lovely friend of me, Ryan Biddulph. Every post published there is detailed and well-explained. This is the blog; I would recommend learning the true way to blogging. I am a regular reader of BloggingFromParadise and every post there worth thousands of dollars.

4. BoostBlogTraffic.com

A Huge blog with a lot of great content about blogging. This blog is growing tremendously that shows how great this blog is! You can learn how to write and generate millions of traffic easily there.

5. StartBloggingOnline.com

This blog can help you start blogging within 20 minutes. It has a quick guide on how to start a blog in 20 minutes. You can learn Blogging techniques here, and the methods are genuinely shared by Mike Wallagher ( a PRO blogger ).

6. BloggingCage.com

Kulwant Nagi, the man who is motivation for everyone owns BloggingCage. At Blogging Cage, he shares his own experience about Blogging. There at BloggingCage, some posts will help you succeed as a blogger while some posts will help you succeed as a marketer. Blogging Cage has a nice collection of SEO tips, Social Media tips and so on.

7. ShoutMeLoud.com

This blog has everything so far that can help you succeed anywhere as a blogger. ShoutMeLoud was founded by Harsh Agrawal, and he shares his knowledge that is kind of important for you to seek! Believe me, this blog can turn you into a PRO blogger from simple blogger.

8. BloggerTipsTricks.com

BloggerTipsTricks is managed by Ankit Singla. This blog can teach you better blogging and affiliate marketing. This blog has a number of step-by-step guides that can help you succeed out in this online world.

9. BloggingeHow.com

A blog managed by Hassam Ahmad Awan where you can find blogging and WordPress tutorials. This blog has some blog posts that can turn you into a creative blogger. Keep following this blog as Hassam is going to reveal his blogging secrets soon there!

10. DailyBlogTips.com

This blog is managed by a Team of pro bloggers where they share what they learn. Every post there is indeed a great advice for everyone. Want to start an online blog? You should read the guides there!

11. DigitalGYD.com

DigitalGYD is a blog that has a lot of contents about Blogging and marketing. Every post is well detailed and explained! Swadhin, is the founder of DigitalGYD who is just AWESOME at sharing what he learns!

12. AliRaza.co

A blog owned by an Entrepreneur named Ali Raza, who is a certified Adwords specialist and an advertising consultant. At Aliraza.co, you can learn the true basics of blogging. So, want to learn the basics? Land there then!

Add something from your side?

If you want to add any other great blog to this list, leave the URL in the comments section. Also, Share with me, which one is your favourite blog?
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