10 Blogs That Every Marketer Should Read!


Marketing has become a great field of interest over the internet. Everybody is trying become a marketer! Why?

Because it is the best way to earn a better living.
Isn’t it?
You might have seen some marketers making Six figure monthly and more. Have you ever thought how they work? They work with patience & consistency and absolutely, one day they’re able to fulfil their dreams. You can do that, too! 🙂
Here on the Internet, before you start anything. Learn that first, then start practicing what you’ve learned & polish your skills.

In this post, I will be sharing the Top 15 blogs that are going to bless you with the art of marketing:

1. NeilPatel.com

NeilPatel is a blog where you can get guides, Case studies, etc that you require surviving as a Marketer. Almost all marketers follow his blog because he shares the stuff that is Evergreen. If you want to be good at Blogging, Marketing and SEO, This is the blog that you should follow actively.

2. Blog.Hubspot.com

HubSpot blog is a great source for useful, practical advice. There are tons of information present there and this blog is updated regularly with unique stuff and case studies. You can browse by choosing a speeific topic that you want to learn. According to Hubspot, there are 3 00,000  active marketers at their platform. They are learning & growing together. If you wanna grow with them, Start following HubSpot blog.

3. CopyBlogger.com

Started by the talented superstar Brian Clark. Great tips on content creation — though we do wish Brian himself would write more often. Over all, Copy Blogger is a great blog to follow, if you want to be a Hero from Zero in content creation.

4. Moz’s Blog

Moz’s blog is one of the best blogs out there on inbound marketing. In-depth, practical advice delivered in a professional manner. If you want to become an SEO guy as a marketer, this blog is recommended to read.

5. Content Marketing Institute

6. ShoeMoney.com

A blog sharing marketing guides, case studies and everything about how to become a good money blogger. This blog has generated great revenue, it can act as a motivation for you.

7. Backlinko

Backlinko is a place where Brian shares all of his case studies and link-building strategies.
What if this blog is gonna show you how to get #1 Ranking on Google within seconds? Yes, this blog can help you rank any website within seconds.

8. ProBlogger

Pro Blogger, a place where any Blogger OR Marketer can 
enjoy learning what he wishes to! Here many PRO bloggers are active and they keep sharing their knowledge for free. Free , Absolutely Free! If you’re new to blogosphere OR marketing, start reading the featured blog posts there, you’ll find something great..

If you wanna learn how to make money with Blogging, go here

9. Social Media Examiner

An online jungle where you can find everything about Social Media Marketing including: 
  • how to Advertise with social media?
  • How to reach wider audience via social media?
  • How to get free Fans to your social media profiles?

10. DigitalGYD

Digital GYD , a blog that made social media marketing easy! Its author, Swadhin is a good friend of me and he has turned his blog into a place where Blogging & marketing becomes so easy!

Which One is your favourite?

Yes, tell me which blog is your favourite? If your favourite blog is not present in this list, share that in the comments section.
At last, do share it with your friends.


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