Got My Smile Back!

It was 07-06-2016. At night, I was coming back to home. Annual exams  were going on, I was excited as there were only two exams left. With some thoughts in mind, I was walking!

Suddenly, something strange happened…
There was an attack. I saw a fat guy who was just came near to me and punched on my mouth! I fell down on the road (there was no traffic).
I felt my tooth were broken, felt some pain. Got up, saw that guy who punched me and started running!
My home was nearby and I just reached home. Looked back and he was gone. I don’t know who was he. What was the reason why he punched me or why he wanted to hurt me? Still, I don’t know.
Lets continue the story…
I entered home and moved in front of mirror. My two teeth were damaged badly. Severe pain in my teeth. I was unable to sleep because of the pain. I passed the whole night thinking how my next exams will go. I can’t speak anything, whenever I tried to, pain started to stop me!
The night gone, morning came up. Saw my tooth with my phone’s camera and captured:
Went to the dentist and he did something great with my teeth. No pain! Yes, I was feeling no pain now 🙂
I was able to study then. Studied and did appear in the last two exams. After exams, treatment kept on. There were many phases of the treatment. Don’t know their names, though! :p
The dentist told me to come after a few months so that we could consider your issue. Everything was fine but, I had lost the smile I had! I looked very bad laughing. I was worried about that. The time flew and 2016 ended. I went to the same dentist, asked them to do something for my smile.
There was a silence, a short one! Later, they made some measurements through X-rays, etc and then after 5 days, I went to the dentist. My tooth (artificial ones) were waiting for me.
At last, got my smile back. 😉
This all helped me to remind that life is full of challenges. I became much stronger to bear losses. Thanks for reading an interesting story of my life.
Here is a fresh picture with the freshest smile 😀


Wish me Good luck for the journey ahead 🙂


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