Fiverr: Choosing a Service to sell

Thinking about making a start at Fiverr & no idea which service to offer?

You’re at the right place to make a decision.

Whenever a person enters the freelancing world, he sees many Expert freelancers doing great. He gets inspired by them and starts out his journey with no idea about which service he has to offer. What happens Next?

He fails simultaneously even after making a few bucks.

Before you start your freelancing career, STOP for a second!

Think, which field should I choose? What kind of services I should offer?

Before you make a start anywhere for freelancing, you must have a PLAN! Make a plan and work according to it.

In this article, we’ll be discussing how to choose a service to sell?

Step 1. Find your Passion

Which work do you love to do? Find your passion. Like I have a passion devoted to designing & I, love to design. I offer designing services everywhere either it’s Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork or any freelancing platform.

After you found your passion, start learning what you love to do.

Passion is everything. If you’ve no Passion about the field you’re going to choose, you’ll face troubles in the near future. So, when it comes to choosing something, choose according to your passion and you’re near to touch sky limits!

Step 2. Start Learning Now

“YouTube can help you learn anything free of cost!”

YouTube has a database of millions of video tutorials free. You can watch, learn & sell as a freelancer.

On the other hand, here are some sites

Both are AWESOME; I have learned many skills from the courses these webs offer. If you don’t want to spend a cent, go and learn with YouTube and the one and only ‘Google.’

Step 3. Start Practicing what you’ve learned

Keep in mind never stop learning. But, to sell a service as a freelancer, you must polish your skills first.

Start implementing what you’ve learned & keep polishing your skills. It’s important!

Let’s explain it with an example:

Suppose, I have learned how to write an interesting article. Now, I’ll have to take random topics and try whether I can write or not! If you don’t practice, It will take a lot of time to write for your clients. And when you practice first, you’ll write swiftly and deliver the work. That’s all.

FINAL STEP: Land on Fiverr Like a Boss

Now, you’re able to sell the skills you’ve learned. Just Log in to your Fiverr account OR create a new account. Create your First Gig Now! 

Wrapping Up

At last, I would say: choose the service that suits you and your passion. Once you find the right service, start offering it. I believe that you can touch the sky limits, easily!

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