Fiverr: How to Create a gig that sells?

After a long time, I am back with an exclusive guide to creating gigs that generate $$.

We’ve already covered some major tips that could help you to get more orders on Fiverr and now we’re excited to announce ‘Fiverr 2016’ series.

In this series, we will be learning the HUGE secrets to making money via Fiverr. The interesting thing is, we will publish some video training tutorials too regarding Fiverr. Want to get notified about video training? Subscribe and get notified.
[mailmunch-form id=”198470″]This is the first article of ‘Fiverr 2016’ series. In this article, we’re going to learn how to create a Fiverr GIG that sells.

01. GIG Title

Gig title is interestingly the first thing that a buyer notices. If the title is enough to describe what will he get, that’s it.

Let’s take an example:

Suppose, a buyer is looking for a gig that can provide him two professional logos for 5$. He/she will only order the gig where two logos for 5$ are offered. And he/she is not going order the gig having title like

‘I will design a cool logo’

‘I will design excellent logo’

Instead, he’ll order the gig with titles like that:

‘I will design 2 logos’

‘I will design two catching logos’, etc.

That exactly means the title must be so interesting that buyers get attracted to the gig!

Below is the summary of my January Fiverr revenues. I sold graphic design services, but my gigs had interesting titles:

Revenue Summary

Earnings (November): 28$

Used to order the gigs: 15$

Deducted earnings : 28$ – 15$ = 13$

Earnings this December : 4$ + 12$

Total Earnings: 13$ + 16$ = 29$

Although, I am not highly proficient in designing works but the interesting Gig titles (the titles that catch buyers attention) made me earn few bucks.

02. Gig Images/Videos

So, you chose the interesting title for your gig.


Now, we’ve to design images OR create videos for the Gig. Remember, after the buyer reaches your gig, he/she will start checking the gig images/videos.

Here are some tips about Gig images:

  • Must be attractive.
  • If it is designing work like logo designing, the image must contain the demo’s of the work. (It will let your buyer know that will he/she get satisfied or not!
  • Never put gig title in the image simply. Don’t use much text in your image. Just use high-quality images showing your work.

03. Gig Description

Here comes the most important thing of your Gig. Gig description is the way to impress buyers with your words. So, write gig description like a pro.

No Idea about writing a good description for your gig?

Search the service you’re going to sell on Fiverr, check the gigs that appear at the top results. See how the description is written. I am sure you’ll take the creativity to the next level and write an interesting description.

04. Offer something free

The free offers really work in getting more orders on the gig. Offers like Buy One = Get One free, etc are used by many of the Fiverr sellers. And these offers are helping them to make consistent $$. Go ahead and offer something free to make your buyers happy. There is a golden rule in Freelancing and that is:

“Give your clients/buyers more than what they’re expecting.”

Don’t be a money freelancer. Be the one who tries his best to satisfy his clients. So, it’s your turn to be the one who satisfies all the buyers (clients).

05. Publishing The Gig

Before, you publish the gig STOP for a minute and check the description of your gig. Did you explain the service in a better way?

If yes, publish the gig! 😀

06. Promoting The Gig

After publishing the gig, you don’t need to sit back and relax. You have to do promotion now!

07. Getting first order

If you’ve got your first buyer, just try to satisfy him. Offer more than expected as I’ve mentioned.

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