Fiverr: Why My Gig is not generating orders?

And here we go, the second article about Fiverr. We got a couple of e-mails and most of them were having the same question ‘why my gig is not getting orders?’

So, we thought to share some reasons behind ‘why your gig is not being ordered?

Fiverr has been transformed into a giant marketplace where competition is growing so fast. With the competition growth, new sellers get low exposure. However, old sellers keep rockin’. New sellers not only get a single order to their gigs. On Fiverr, now it’s hard to make a stand easily.

In this article, we’ll learn the best possible reason why a gig gets no orders?

The only reason is: You have got an Incomplete Profile

Yes, yes!

Your profile may be incomplete.

Oh, How?

explain a bit, please?

Yes, let me explain:

The incomplete profile has:

  • No Proper About Yourself

If you’re not good at introducing yourself, you’ll not attract any buyer rolling out at Fiverr. Once, you describe yourself in a better way, buyers can easily know about you. Add a proper about yourself in your profile.

The main task is to write the BIO that can make buyers trust you. Once, they come to know about your & your experience, they’ll not even wait for a second to order your gig.

Simply, consider your bio as a section where you can explain yourself i.e., your field, your experience and so on. While writing BIO, keep in mind that it is short and easy to read. Here’s an example:

  • No real Image!?


I have seen some sellers account that is not using their real picture at their profiles. That’s not so good.

In my view, you should upload your real picture. Simply, come in front of webcam OR a camera, Say “Cheez’ and capture it. The main advantage of using real picture is: it increases the trust level. And remember, the more trust level you’ve, the more you’ll have the chance to get hired.

  • No Attractive Headline

Do you know, how important is the headline for your profile? It’s the quickest way to summarize about yourself. If you succeed in describing yourself in a single line, that’s great. Otherwise, sit back and think what your headline should be!

Another reason is you’re unable to explain your service, describe them well and you’ll start getting orders on Fiverr.

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