Fiverr: How to Withdraw Money

Recently, we covered some topics like How to Earn Money on Fiverr and today; we will learn a complete guide on How to withdraw money from Fiverr. As you know Fiverr has become a vast marketplace where freelancers do micro jobs. Millions of services are offered on Fiverr. Many of the blog readers asked how they can withdraw money from Fiverr. So, I made my mind teach you a complete guide on how to withdraw money from Fiverr!

Withdraw Money from Fiverr

Fiverr supports three ways by which you can withdraw money from it. These are

#1. PayPal

#2. Payoneer

#3. Bank Deposit

1. PayPal

You can use Paypal to withdraw money from Fiverr. Just log into your Fiverr profile >> My Sales >> Revenue.

You’ll see two options. Paypal account and Fiverr Revenue Card (TM). Select Paypal as you want to withdraw via Paypal. Fiverr will ask for PayPal Email.

Put your Paypal email >> proceed and verify by checking and clicking on the confirmation link that Fiverr team will send you in e-mail inbox!

That’s all, in this way you can withdraw your money from Fiverr via PayPal. There are some taxes which are not much to disturb your earnings. PayPal is used worldwide. In some countries like Pakistan, PayPal is not officially available. On Fiverr,  thousands of Pakistani’s are working. So, for Pakistani’s and those users that have no access to Paypal, Fiverr launched Payoneer withdraw feature. In the next session, we are going to learn how to withdraw money from Fiverr using Payoneer Master Card!

2. Fiverr Revenue Card (Payoneer)

Fiverr launched Fiverr Revenue Card in contribution with Payoneer. Exactly, Fiverr Revenue Card and Payoneer Prepaid Master Card convey the same meaning! To withdraw Fiverr revenue with Fiverr Revenue Card, you must apply for a Payoneer master card! After your Master Card arrives, you can withdraw your money from Fiverr. Now, follow the same method. Log into your Fiverr account, proceed to My Sales >> Revenue. Click on Fiverr Revenue Card. You’ll receive an email with a confirmation link, click on it and attach with your Payoneer account! That’s all, Now, the question arises how to transfer revenue/money from Fiverr to your Payoneer account or card. For this, follow the tutorial:

Transfer Fiverr Revenue in Payoneer Account

After you applied and attached your Payoneer account with Fiverr, you only need move towards the Revenues tab and then click on Fiverr Revenue Card!

NOTE that you can withdraw only if you have 20$ cleared! Otherwise, go for Paypal or wait for pending clearances ;)!

Now, check your email inbox! You will see a confirmation link from Fiverr.
Payoneer usually charges 3$ for each withdraws from Fiverr. Like if I confirmed a payment of 31$ then I’ll 28$ in my Payoneer account! After you confirmed, just wait for 1-2 hours. After that, your balance will be loaded into your account. You can get payment from any ATM that is MasterCard supported. In this way, you can withdraw money from Fiverr!

Apply For Payoneer MasterCard

3. Direct Bank Deposit

This year, Fiverr introduced another option to withdraw revenue!

That’s cool thing. What you have to do is to click on direct deposit & Fiverr will ask further info. You will be able to withdraw from any bank with the help of Payoneer.

Final Thought

Fiverr can pay just by three ways that I discussed. You can use both to withdraw and get payment from Fiverr. If your Paypal is not available in your country, you can use Payoneer. Payoneer is global and worldwide service especially for freelancers to get paid. If both services are available in your area/country, you can use the direct bank deposit feature!

Happy freelancing!

Happy Earning! 🙂


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