Fiverr: 5 Ways to Promote Gigs

Fiverr has got popularity as the best marketplace for freelancers where you can sell any service in the form of a Gig. A gig is simply a page showing your service. Gig optimization is important and if you can’t do that learn how to promote a Fiverr gig. In my view, Gig optimization is a bit difficult therefore I decided to share some ways to promote Fiverr gigs. Before you promote your Fiverr gigs, your gigs must have:-

  • Mind blowing description
  • Attractive images or videos
  • Simple (but attractive) and understandable title.
  • Some free bonuses so that users may order immediately.

Ways to promote Fiverr Gigs

Hmm, Why you want to promote your Fiverr gigs?

I know you want to increase your sales, want to increase Fiverr earnings and more!

All right, here are some ways to promote:

1. Facebook Groups

There are many Fiverr related groups on Facebook. You can promote your Fiverr gigs in Fiverr related groups. It may not increase your sales, but it can boost your gig views & impressions. One year ago in 2014, when I was looking for sales on Fiverr, I just shared my gigs in Facebook groups. Then  I saw a sudden increase in my sales. I took it seriously and started sharing my gigs in Facebook groups. Try to share your gigs in Facebook groups (Fiverr related), you may increase your sales. Some keywords to search while looking for Fiverr gigs promotion:-

  • Fiverr Gig promotion
  • Fiverr Gig promote
  • Fiverr community

2. Twitter #Hashtags

One of the best was to promote Fiverr gigs and profile is to use Twitter #hashtags. Try #hashtags like:

#Fiverr #Fiverr_promotion #Fiverr_gigs #Gig #Gigs

And tweet by pasting the gig URL in it. You will get hundred of views to your gigs. No doubt, you can increase your sales too. Just try this method and share your results in comments.

3. Create YouTube Channel

YouTube is another way to promote Fiverr gigs and profiles. Create a whiteboard animation or attractive video showing your services. Upload that video to YouTube. In the description, put your Fiverr gig or profile’s link. Use annotations to show links to the video. This method is for those who don’t want to invest in promotion. If you want to spend some bucks, You can promote your video by Google AdWords.

4. Fiverr official Forum

Hmm, that’s an excellent way to promote a Fiverr gig or profile. Fiverr forum is an active forum where almost all Fiverr sellers and buyers are registered. Here you can share gigs’ links, ask questions promote your profile’s and so on. It can help you in promoting your Fiverr account &  gigs. It works!

5. LinkedIn Groups

On LinkedIn, you can join Fiverr related groups and promote your services. Promoting in LinkedIn groups is similar to Facebook groups.

If your profile is having good connections, you can use your profile directly to promote the services you’re offering at Fiverr.

6. Instagram Business Profile | Difficult yet effective

Promoting your Fiverr services via Instagram is not as easy as it is on other profiles. Due to link limitation features (you can place only a single link in your Instagram profile), it seems less interesting. But, here are the steps you have to follow:

  1. Create an Instagram Business profile
  2. Put your Fiverr profile link as the website link
  3. Add a bio introducing your services. Like, if you’re a graphic designer; you can add: “Working as a Graphics Designer for __ years, Got any work for me? Send me here or check out my Fiverr profile.”
  4. Post your ongoing work (portfolio) in interactive images and promote what you’re good at.
  5. Last but not least, add popular hashtags of your niche in the image(s) captions.

Instagram might not provide results much as quick as other techniques would but once you get some followership there, you’ll learn how much impact Instagram leaves in your business!

Some other recommended ways to Promote Fiverr gigs

  • Blog Commenting

You can use blog comments for promoting your gigs. It works! You need to find blogs that publish Fiverr guides. Visit all the blogs later on and put your gig links in the comments section. Simply, You are converting their blog readers into Fiverr buyers or clients.

Promotion is just promotion, where you find a place to promote, just promote, no fear 😀

  • Guest Posts

You can increase your Fiverr sales by guest posting on Fiverr related blogs. How?? :O

That’s so easy, Man! Just guest post on related blogs and in author bio put your Fiverr gig links. Now, you’re going to transform Fiverr buyers into clients. Good Luck 😀

  • Reddit

Reddit is not a platform to promote Fiverr, gigs, but a page exists, where Fiverr users promote their gigs.

Login to your Reddit profile, move to that page and start submitting your gigs there. That’s so easy, isn’t it?

7. Your views?

What’s your strategy to promote Gigs? Share with me!

Share with me!


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