What Poor Think about Money? — Lessons from Rich Dad Poor Dad

I recently completed reading “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, a personal finance book of all time by Robert Kyoski. It has got millions of copies sold already with which importance of the book can be measured.
After reading the book, my perspective on Money changed thoroughly. I made up my mind to share what I learned. This is Episode one of the series based on the lessons from “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.

What Poor Think About Money?

Poor take money as something that is earned or made only when you work your a** off. The Poor and middle class’ life is controlled by the two factors; FEAR and GREED. Fear of losing money makes them work 8–10 hours a day or more and the GREED makes them stick to the routine forcefully.
The point here is that poor think if we lose money or throw it anywhere (I mean invest), that would vanish away. What they do is, they play it safe. They throw themselves in the hectic routine of working for money so that they can have money generated safely with no risk(s) taken. They get their salary every 1st, spend it, wait for the next salary, spend it and the loop goes on.
You got how Poor play it SAFE with money? Their fear of losing money stops them from investing or throwing money into a business.
Another thing is poor work for money. The think Money as something that can change their lifestyle, meet their needs and the list goes on. So, they get educated(degree), find a safe job and start working for money. Many opportunities pass by but they get used to their job and are trapped into a race called “Rat Race”.
Are you familiar with this?
Watch this video:

This video shows how poor turn their life into a trap, a race that continues until your death.
So many people say: “Oh, I am not interested in money” Yet they’ll work at a job for eight hours a day!
Their life is controlled by two emotions, the fear of losing money and greed for the incentives or increment in the salary. Poor People lack the education about “Money” and they go after it blindly without understanding what actually finance is!
Money is not taught in schools and colleges and that is the main reason only a narrow percentage of the population is millionaire.
This was all for episode one.
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